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Submission Call Saturday! 2/14/15

And we're back! Sorry for the brief interruption, I've been doing some research and getting some details together.

The normal statement applies. Listed below are two calls for submissions that I have found on the web. Please make sure you do your research to see if these publishers are something for you to consider for YOUR writings.

Now lets get started!

These two calls have deadlines QUICKLY approaching but are short enough in word count, I wanted to give you guys the chance!

Romance: calls

Pagan Writers Press is seeking submissions for THREE anthologies. Paranormal, Erotic, and Halloween stories are the themes for these anthologies and the word count is 1k-2.5k per story. You may submit one story per anthology. Due date: March 1st for all anthologies. Paying royalties. For more information click here.

Other Genre:

Dirge Magazine is seeking submissions for speculative fiction with a Dark Angle. Horror, Sci-fi, Alternate History, and Fantasy are welcome as long as its dark. Word count is 2k-4k. Current submissions due March 1st for this project. Payment is $50-$150 USD. For more information click here.


That's it for now! Good luck everyone and until next time...

~Keep Writing!

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